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    • Reliable Inspectors

      Alibaba.com will check every inspector's qualifications to confirm their authenticity and capabilities.

    • Secure Payment

      Escrow Service makes sure that your payment is held securely and released to the inspector only after you confirm satisfactory receipt of the inspection report.

    • Affordable service

      we offer a wide price range from different types of inspectors to satisfy the specific inspection requirements of different buyers.

    What is wap.hvgrotts.com's Inspection Service?

    With wap.hvgrotts.com’s Inspection Service, you can order services from professional 3rd party inspectors and inspection companies directly on the Internet at http:www.wap.hvgrotts.com, The inspector will visit the manufacturing and/or port facilities anywhere in China and make reports including pictures to certify that the goods being produced and shipped reach quality standards.

    Types of inspections generally offered:
    • Initial Production Inspection – checks the machinery and materials to be used for your order at the beginning of the production process. 
    • During Production Inspection – a visual check on the quality of components, materials and finished products during manufacturing. 
    • Final Random Inspection – a detailed visual inspection of samples selected at random to check that the quality, quantity and packaging conform to your samples and specifications. 
    • Container Loading Check – supervision during container loading to ensure that the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity). 
    • Factory Audit – ensures the factory adheres to local and international labor laws; checks the factory’s capabilities, management and operating procedures. 
    • Other services are available as specified by Inspectors.

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