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    Four steps to protect buyer
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    Six measures to protect buyer

    1.Top supplier
    Our suppliers are all go through by strict check,we are only welcome those supplier who have trust and reliable,
    we do not pursue the quantity of suppliers but the quality.

    2.Product information check.
    Every products published before our check,our products ranked by supplier's trust,
    for fake products or infringing products,you can make a sue,and we will pay high attention on the products
    and push the supplier to make products off from the shelves.

    3.Gurantee funds.
    Guaranty fund is a quality promise supplier to buyer,when there is complaint,the Buy-the-Container offcial will
    initiate the guaranty fund to compensate for buyer,so please choose the supplier that have paid guaranty fund,
    that is a protection for you .

    4.Make a compalaint & sue to us
    If you have been cheated,and want make a sue to a supplier,just fill a blank,our servicer will help you solute the

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