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    What is the advantage of diatom ooze
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    A new type of environmentally friendly materials in recent years become diatom mud "decoration darling", the most fundamental reason is that it's green, green, pollution-free advantages of attracting people of all ages! Last 2-3 years, people require more interior decoration higher and higher, in addition to a beautiful appearance is more important is safety, which is non-polluting, in this case a timely diatom mud, diatom mud is what? Follow Qasimi has devoted another article 
      You understand the future market diatom mud and characteristics, you know what are the advantages of it do? In addition to fashion, there must be other than green you do not know the secret!

         The main advantage of diatom mud into 6 portions

         First, the removal of formaldehyde: the new house decoration floors, ceilings, sofas, furniture and other distributed free of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, TVOC and other harmful substances are gaping holes absorb tens of thousands of diatom mud, decomposition eliminate. Indoor day constantly emit harmful substances diatom mud Net to be, how much is released, how much decomposition.

         Second, eliminate odors: diatom mud able to remove all kinds of odors generated by domestic pollution, such as: fishy fish, pet odor and unpleasant taste sleeping body produced. Keep indoor air fresh.

         Third, sterilization: can effectively kill the air in a variety of influenza germs and infectious diseases.

         Fourth, the release of negative ions: diatom mud per square centimeter per second 1869 release of negative oxygen ions, negative oxygen ions floating around in the air and the feeling of living in nature is the same.

         Fifth, long life diatom mud, diatom mud life for more than 20 years, not Alice, not falling, do not fade resistance to oxidation, and always like new. This paint decoration than the average life expectancy is longer too, and this is very much a highlight of it!

         Sixth, diatom mud saving, thermal insulation performance is very good, high ratio of cement and mortar, more than six times. Greatly saving energy and heating costs. 65% energy saving standards provide excellent conditions.

    Diatom mud in Japan, Korea, Europe and other developed countries, the first to be applied to the field of decoration, because of its superior functionality and artistic effect, known as "air purification art", especially some of the environmental requirements of high places, such as five Art Center, senior clubs, luxury villas, luxury hotels, etc., is also known as the only with paint, wallpaper third of the world of decoration materials!

         Because of this new type of decoration materials have been widely recognized, it is inevitable some counterfeit products and general diatom mud products on the market, Kasami diatom mud remind you must choose the right brand!

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