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    What is diatom ooze
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    Diatom mud  is a kind of green decorative interior wall diatomite as main raw material, with the elimination of formaldehyde, air purification, humidity control, the release of negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, self-cleaning wall sterilization deodorant and other functions. Because diatom mud environmental health, not only a good decorative, but also functional, is an alternative to wallpaper and paint a new generation of interior decoration materials


    Diatom mud is a natural green interior decoration materials, used to replace the wallpaper and paint, apply
    Diatom mud - seaweed stucco effect
    Diatom mud - seaweed stucco effect (4)
    Villas, apartments, hotels, homes, hospitals and other interior decoration. Diatom mud is diatomaceous earth as the main material, interior decoration formulated dry powder coating material. Diatomaceous earth millions of years ago, living in a one-celled aquatic organisms floating class, that diatom sediments, diatoms death, it will be deposited underwater, after millions of years of accumulation and geological Changes become diatomaceous earth. Powder packaging, not the bottled liquid.
    Clean air, eliminate odors
    Diatom mud products with unique "molecular sieve" structure, with a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, can effectively remove the air of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances and odors due to pets, smoking, garbage generated , clean indoor air.
    Fire retardant
    Diatom mud is composed of an inorganic material, and therefore does not burn, even if a fire occurs, it will not emerge any harmful fumes. When the temperature rises to 1300 ℃ Celsius, the diatom mud just appeared in the molten state, does not produce harmful gas fumes.
    Respiratory humidity
    Seasonal, and sooner or later with ambient air temperatures change, diatom mud can absorb or release moisture, automatically adjust the indoor air humidity, which achieves relatively balance Especially in coastal cities and more humid air south of the city, regulate indoor air humidity obvious effect, reducing the moist air to bring you the trouble.
    Acoustic noise
    Because of its molecular diatom mud porous structure, it has a strong noise reduction function, can effectively absorb harmful high frequency sound segments, and the low-frequency noise attenuation function. Its effectiveness is equivalent to more than 2 times the same thickness of cement mortar and stone, as well as to shorten the response time of more than 50%, greatly reducing the noise of personal harm, to give you create a restful sleep environment.
    The main components of diatom mud diatomite thermal conductivity is very low, in itself is an ideal insulation material, with very good insulation properties, the insulation effect is equivalent to six times the thickness of the cement mortar.
    Release of negative oxygen ions
    "Molecular sieves" structure unique diatom mud, after exposure to moisture in the air will have a "cascade effect", so as to continuously release of the beneficial negative oxygen ions.


    The main raw material of diatom mud is millions of years after the formation of fossil diatoms - diatomite, diatom is a life in the ocean, lakes algae. Oceans and lakes are algae's hometown, where diatom species, quantity, known as the ocean prairie, they create 70% oxygen for the survival of life on Earth, is truly the cradle of life on Earth. Diatom mud taken millions of years ago to live in aquatic organisms floating class - diatom deposition from natural substances, mainly composed of opal, rich in a variety of beneficial minerals, soft texture, light, electron microscopy revealed its particle surface has numerous tiny cavities, more than 90% porosity and specific surface area of up to 65㎡ / g. It is this prominent molecular sieve structure, determine its unique features - has a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties, a large area of water in the wall, can absorb a lot of water, indicating a strong adsorption and slow sustained release of negative oxygen ions, can effectively decompose formaldehyde, benzene, radon and other harmful carcinogens.
    Diatoms are one of the main groups of eukaryotic algae, diatoms are a key feature of diatom cells covered with siliceous (mainly silica) in the cell wall. Siliceous cell wall textures and shapes, but mostly symmetrical arrangement. This arrangement can be used as a basis for classification and nomenclature. However, this symmetry is not entirely symmetrical, because one side of the diatom cell walls slightly larger than the other side, so as to fitted together. Fossil remains show that originated in diatoms at the latest early Jurassic period. Only center diatoms male gametes with flagella can swim. Diatoms have been an important indicator species for environmental monitoring, water quality studies are often used. Classification into one link, under a central goal of diatoms and Pennales.
    Consumers should pay attention to identify genuine and fake diatom mud, a lot of water with a watering can to the diatom mud wall, really does not suit diatom mud, mud does not flow, touch the walls, the walls dry. And after the fake "diatom mud" the nose of the jet has a pungent odor or odorless. In short, you can not absorb water, less water absorption after the formation of the flow of mud or water, dregs, fade, bleaching, color and so on are all fake "diatom mud."


    Diatom mud itself without any pollution, natural, and there are a variety of functions, is latex paint and wallpaper, and other traditional unmatched. When using diatom mud decoration is not moving, because there is no taste in the process of construction of diatom mud, is a natural, easy to repair.
    Non-stick dust
    Does not contain any heavy metals, no static, dust easy attachment, wall permanent fresh diatom mud easy to produce static electricity, dust wall surface is not easy.
    Natural environment
    Diatom mud wall material from natural inorganic material, does not contain any harmful substances and harmful additives, the material itself is pure green products. Its main ingredient is widely used in beauty mask diatomite, beer food filtering.
    Diatom mud life of up to three years or more, timeless. Diatom mud useful life of 20 years to 50 years.
    Pastel colors
    Diatom mud choice inorganic mineral pigment color, pastel colors. When people live in mud-coated diatom room where the walls reflect light naturally soft, people are not prone to visual fatigue, protect eyesight you and your family, especially for the protection of children's vision effect is remarkable. Meanwhile diatom mud wall color durable, high temperature rendering technology, do not fade, wall long as new, increasing the wall of life and reduce the number of wall decoration, saving the cost of the room.
    Material Features
    Feature 1: uniform color clay-like, high-temperature coloring, after a lot of water is not color, not the flow of mud, with the palm lightly, with natural mud effect.
    Feature 2: powder, mixing, construction no smell, no harmful substances are released.
    Feature 3: The texture is delicate, tiny sand, suitable for flat and dry interior wall construction.
    Feature 4: water absorption, fire burn, does not have a pungent odor

    Technical principles

    This technology diatom mud solve decoration pollution and indoor air pollution is difficult to solve the world's problems, so that people can stay at home and enjoy the fresh air and negative oxygen ions. This technology solve the decoration pollution and indoor pollution problems difficult to solve the world, so that people can stay at home and enjoy the fresh air and negative oxygen ions. Diatom deposition and after millions of years of mineralization forming diatom minerals, the main component of opal,

    Zeolite structure of diatomite
    Texture soft, porous. Electron microscopy revealed that diatom nanoscale mineral is a porous material (pore diameter of about 0.1-0.2 microns), a porosity of 90%, the rules, neatly arranged in a circle and the needle, a fine unit area on charcoal also produce more holes than the number of thousands of times. Salient features of the molecular structure of the crystal lattice, determine its unique features. Diatoms mineral has a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties, after finishing after being widely used in alcohol and medical injection filter, in many areas of food additives, nuclear radiation adsorbent. Forming diatom diatom mineral precipitation - diatomite.


    Diatom mud wall material is a kind of interior decoration, the scope is very wide. Can be applied in the following places: home (living room, bedroom, study, baby room, ceiling walls, etc.), apartments, kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, nursing homes, clubs, theme clubs, upscale restaurants, office buildings resort style restaurants . With room for at least a minimum construction unit, because each square meter diatom mud wall purify one cubic meter of air, if the construction area in the room is small, can not achieve good results eliminate formaldehyde.

    Construction Technology

    Traditional, complete "diatom mud is" material "," props "," engineering, "the three elements together constitute. Material is the carrier, props Appliances, construction method is the rule. Three-one, in giving vivid wall expression, while the final highlight and expression "human" quality of life and values. as a process for wall finishes, mud, not just a material, is being more and more with its connotation of "culture" , carries unlimited personal aspirations and self-sustenance, is tradition, carried forward.

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