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    Diatomaceous earth wall decoration will gradually replace the latex paint
    2015-1-14   Hits:4496
    Wall decoration with all the traditional way of thinking is a latex paint, actually otherwise, in people's lives increasingly today, we should choose a more healthy wall decoration materials, diatom mud is a new type of wall decoration materials, formaldehyde pollution diatom ooze wall material can eliminate the home decoration, Hu exist.
    Generally the use of latex paint decoration of the house, in the decoration after all need a long time to move in, because in just after the decoration of the house, there are formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. Not only the wall will have these harmful substances, just bought new furniture, just laying wood floors have such a situation exists, even after renovation, maintain good ventilation every day, nor will the indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances removal. Hidden in the indoor formaldehyde volatile period is 3-15 years. Many cases are some diseases caused by formaldehyde exceed the standard for. Especially in the children's room should pay more attention to the children, because no strong resistance in adults.
    Therefore, diatom mud wall decoration gradually replace the latex paint will become a trend.
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