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    How to paint wall
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    How to use
    Firstly choose the right diatomaceous coating & powder. 
    (Attn: Various patterns & processing will result in different costs.)
    Diatomaceious powder, 1 Kg, mix with 1 Kg water, stir up well,
    Roller, on Flat wall surface, 1.5~1.8 Square meter/Kg
    2  Diatomaceious powder , 1kg, mix with 0.5 Kg water, stir up well,
    Daub, on Flat wall surface, 0.5~0.8 Square meter/Kg
    Recommed for 3D Wallpaper desigsns
    The powder coating no contain poisonous volatile substances to human body.
    Eco-friendly material cause no odor.
    Special texture & vivid stereo impression.
    Fashionable concept & special visual impression.

    * Seamless & Durable
    * Natural substances & Eco-friendly designs
    * Eliminate interior Formaldehyde & other poisonous substance;
    * Respiration humidifying & Causing no condensations
    * Extremely strong noise absorbing ability to guarantee your privacy.
    * Greater artistry compared to ordinary wallpapers & Suitable for various wall decoration styles

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