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  • Diatom mud paint for interior
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    Diatom mud paint for interior
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    Main material: Diatomite earth


    Usage: Wall texture, wall surface treatment; personalized texture effects, colorful, Variety.



    use for high-end villas, houses, hotels, commercial, leisure centers

    Construction methods: Scraping, spray, textured


    In order to achieve optimum coating effect, you can add pure water to dilute the diatom ooze according to the actual requirement.It should Stir and filter well before use.


    Product Features:

    1, Release anion: sustained release anion which beneficial to humans,To balanced indoor anion content same as

      the grassland


    2,Regulate Humidity function:It can effectively regulate indoor air humidity, improve indoor air quality, especially 

     It can restrict water appear on wall especially in the coastak areas and plum rains area


    3, Anti-bacterial and anti-midew functions: to prevent the walls appear mildew and Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli inhibition rate of 99%;


    4, Air purification function: indoor formaldehyde, odor and other harmful VOC purification rate of 90%.


    5, photocatalyst function: using the latest nanotechnology photocatalyst technology,make the use of titanium dioxide as a catalyst react with sunlight or light, decomposition of harmful substances in the air and release oxygen, can maintain long-term air purification function.


    Substrate treatment:


    1, surface treatment:


    New Wall → remove surface dirt, grease and loose mortar, repaire gaps or cracks,ensure the wall is clean, dry and smooth.


    Repainting walls → eradicate the old wall loose paint, remove the loose surface dust powder compounds and impurities, batch grinding flat, clean and dry thoroughly.



    2, the surface states:

         To make sure that thebase material  moisture content does not exceed 10%, PH value of less than 10. The pre-coated surface of the substrate must be firm enough, dry, clean, smooth and no loose material.


    Painting and coating system passes:


         Coating System: basing two layers of texture


         Painting passes: Blue Shield (PRO-CII) Shield (GOL-S) Blue Ice (BCE-I)



    Drying time (25 ℃):


         Dry: 8 hours Hard dry: 2 days recoat: interval at least 24 hours (fully cure: Summer two days, four days in winter, wet weather extend more days).


    Construction conditions:


          Please do not processinng in wet or cold weather (temperatures below 5 ℃, relative humidity greater than 85%),Otherwise can not achieve the desired coating effect.


    Maintenance time:


          7 days 25 ℃ wet weather or temperature is too low, an appropriate extension of time to get the best results.




          Pause halfway finished painting or coating, please use the water to wash all utensils.




         Stored in 0-35 ℃ cool dry ventilated place, not finished products after use cans should be sealed.


    Security matters:


    1. Be sure to read before using the product packaging and label instructions carefully construction, in order to obtain reliable and satisfactory coating effect;


    2, before the start of the operation and use of all the doors and windows open as much as possible, to ensure the construction area there is adequate ventilation;


    3. In order to ensure the best painting results, effectively separated the mask area coverage and wood products and the wall to better safeguard clean the construction site.


    Environmental issues: This product does not add any harmful substances such as heavy metals, exceeding the latest interior decoration materials harmful substances in the national standards and technical requirements of China's environmental products.


    Executive Standard: JC / T1074-2008 GB18582-2008


    Shelf life: Effective kept for 18 months


    What effect can it make?
    1.Vavies color(more than 1026 colors)


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